Bubba Show: I’m Sorry and Thank You

Wow…..what can I say???  Let’s me start with I’m Sorry AND Thank YOU!!!

Let’s start with “I’m Sorry”.  For those of you that have taken to social media, to tell me that I am the reason that the Penguins lost last night….”I’m Sorry”.  If you believe that the “Matt Murray Avenue” sign, somehow had such an amazing effect on the play on the ice last night at Consol;  I’m Sorry.  If somehow you think that, as one post on Twitter said: “You cursed the Penguins”, (you, meaning me), than I am sorry.
IF, you taking all your frustration and anger over the Pens losing last night, (let’s not forget we are still up 3 games to 2) makes you feel better, and get’s it off your chest, I take it.  I have broad shoulders.  It’s simple….if you hate me, think I should move (which I will never do….born and raised and never leaving), or worse because the Pens lost and it’s my fault, somehow makes you feel better…..than it is worth it.  I lost the game for the Penguins.

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Now the Thank You!!!  To our Bubba Show Family, who knows my intent, and supported me, and don’t hate me, and still love me, and STILL love the Penguins like I do….Thank YOU!!!  That is why our Bubba Show Family is the BEST!

Even those that are mad at me now…..I LOVE YOU TOO!
Now let’s regroup for a second so you can understand my intent.
My intent for Matt Murray Avenue had NOTHING to do with winning or losing last night. Had NOTHING to do with celebrating prematurely.
We all have and had dreams.  Can you imagine Matt Murray.  Just turning 22 years.  Playing the biggest game of his life with the Stanley Cup on the line??  Taking Murray Avenue in Greenfield, (where I grew up) / Squirrel Hill, and naming it Matt Murray Avenue, for 1 day, was about showing him that we as a city believe in him, and support him.
That is it. Period.  Not a celebration. Just a vote of confidence. Oh, and guess what…..even though we lost last night….I still support him. I still believe in him.  Even if Murray Avenue is back to it’s original name today.

So….in closing. I love the Penguins. I can’t wait to stand at the parade through downtown Pittsburgh (I know….I shouldn’t have said that with my outside voice) as we bring Lord Stanley home.

I will be in my recliner Sunday night, watching the game.
In closing this is for Matt Murray:

Devote Yourself
Go Make It Happen
Overcome Your Fears
We Still Believe In You
Don’t Ever Forget….This Is YOUR DREAM!!

Love You –  Bubba

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