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Web Junk: Timber OBAMAFIED ft. Hilary Clinton & Brian Williams ‘Gin & Juice’

People seriously have waaaay too much time on their hands that they’re matching up words to make people sing! But we love it…

10 hours ago

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Web Junk: Navy Baseball does Frozen

Men in uniform singing Frozen… yes please!

13 hours ago

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WEBTASTIC: Jane Fonda LOVES Pittsburgh! Read her blog post here!

I knew I liked Jane for a reason ;) She is in Pittsburgh right now filming ‘Fathers and Daughters’ with Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Justin Long, & Aaron Paul and is RAVING about it in […]

13 hours ago

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WEBTASTIC: Katy Perry Transforms Herself In ‘Birthday’ Preview! (VIDEO)

We knew this girl was a crazy talented singer but who knew she was such an actress?! Katy transforms herself into the ‘Worst Birthday Party Entertainers’ for a preview of her music view ‘Birthday’ coming […]

100.7 Star–16 hours ago

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WEBTASTIC: Your Favorite 90′s Songs In 6 Minutes! (VIDEO)

This fantastic comedian duo accomplished 60 nineties songs in 6 minutes. The nostalgia of this little compilation is almost too much to bare. Myself, Salt and Peppa have had MANY car concerts. Can you name […]

100.7 Star–16 hours ago