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Michael Jackson Molestation Lawsuit Dropped

The judge cited that too many years had elapsed.

11 hours ago

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan to Give First Interview Since His Car Accident Last Summer

The interview announcement follows news that the comedian has entered a confidential settlement in his lawsuit against Walmart.

13 hours ago

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Calculator Shows How Rich You Would Be If You Didn’t Have A Wedding

BEWARE: You are NOT going to like the result.

100.7 Star–14 hours ago


Why You Should Buy Cheap Over Expensive Wine (VIDEO)

PRAISE JESUS! It’s FINALLY scientifically proven!

100.7 Star–14 hours ago

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Dear Scott: How Do I Tell My Wife The Belly Shirt Ain’t Workin’ Anymore?

I need your advice on how to tell my wife she needs to change the way she dresses.

100.7 Star–15 hours ago