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Web Junk: Not Everyone Likes Amusement Park Rides

Not everyone gets excited over amusement park rides…


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Web Junk: Let It Go REMIX Daddy & Daughter Duet

Only a real Father sings Frozen songs with his daughter!


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E-LIST: *The Don’ts of Setting Off Fireworks*

LIGHT EM UP UP UP LIGHT EM UP UP UP!!! Just don’t set yourself on FIYAAAAH!


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Web Junk: NSFW #FreeTheNipple Bikini Top

Well this could be confusing at a glance…


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Web Junk: Hot Wedding Photo Trend

Bridesmaids are baring dat booty for wedding photos!


(Photo: PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images) I don't want to miss out on dat ^ either ;)

Web Junk: Your US Soccer “Get Out Of Work” Excuse

Trying to catch the US Soccer team take on Germany? Don’t miss it! Here’s your work excuse from the coach!


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Web Junk: Groomsmen Bust Out BSB Moves

What kind of groomsmen surprise everyone with their dance moves? The BEST KIND!


lucy bonaducci

Web Junk: If Humans Acted Like Dogs

What if you acted like your dog? Life would be pretty hilarious and the world would look a lot different!


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E-List: Reasons You Will Regret NOT Wearing Sunscreen

Ahh you think you can’t wear any SPF huh? Okay do what you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya ;)


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Web Junk: THE NOTEBOOK Turns 10 WATCH Rachel McAdams’ Audition Tape

Noah and Allie might be turning 10 but their love continues to touch millions.