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Web Junk: Can’t Eat Oreos With Floaties

The struggle is real in pool floaties…


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Web Junk: Man Gets Owl Out With Swiffer

Exactly how do you get an owl out of your house? With a Swiffer apparently!


Photo: Elista at PNC Park

Food Finds: “Meat” Primanti Bros’ New Sandwich

“Meat” Primanti Bros. new sandwich… “When Pigs Fly”


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Web Junk: Kid Discovers Eyebrows

This little kid discovering his eyebrows is so DANG CUTE! I can’t even handle it! I smell a ladies man! See how bad these brows are but they’re actually quite amazing! Baby Leon never change! […]


This is my pool. I'd say it has seen better days. (Photo: Elista)

E-LIST: Ways to Cool Off Without A Pool

How else do you keep cool all summer?!


Photo: Elista at PNC Park

Web Junk: Primanti Bros. Replacing G-Man in Happy Valley

A piece of Pittsburgh is heading to Penn State!


Hines Ward Attends Charity Event In Seoul

Web Junk: Hines Ward Getting Hitched at Heinz Field

Hines Ward has one more reason to smile BIG at Heinz Field…


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Web Junk: Hilarious Flight Attendant

Southwest Airlines has some funny flight attendants! Check out this sassy guy!


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E’s News: Meet Kelly Clarkson’s Baby “River Rose”

Does it get any cuter than this? I don’t think! Meet Kelly Clarkson’s daughter, “River Rose”


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EList: Signs You KNOW It’s SUMMER

AHH It’s FINAAAAALLLY here! (Almost) June 21st but what’s it matter it was above 90 degrees already! SUMMER IS HERE BABY! Here’s how you know…