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Dear Scott: Talk Me Out Of Giving My 9 Year-Old Gastric-Bypass Surgery

Dear Scott: My friends are disgusted with me because I recently told them I was considering having my 9 year-old undergo gastric-bypass surgery for his weight problem. He already weighs 210 pounds and gets constantly […]

100.7 Star–07/14/2015

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Dear Scott: My Son’s Birthday Wish…For My Ex-Wife And Me To Go Out Together With Him ‘As A Family’

Dear Scott: My son, Derek, will turn 8 on Friday and only has one birthday wish. He wants me, his mother, who I divorced years ago, and his brother and sister to go out for […]

100.7 Star–07/13/2015

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Dear Scott: She Has All Guys Friends, Should I Be Worried?

Dear Scott: I just re-entered the dating scene and met a woman I am very interested in. We get along great. I have one concern. She only has guy friends. She says she gets along […]

100.7 Star–07/10/2015

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Dear Scott: My Wife Is Accusing Me Of Cheating For Calling Out Another Woman’s Name In My Sleep

Dear Scott: My wife and I had a huge fight on Tuesday. She got mad because I called out another woman’s name in my sleep. She also claims I moaned and laughed. I don’t even […]

100.7 Star–07/09/2015

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Dear Scott: My Daughter Says I’m Too Old For Short Shorts

Dear Scott: My daughter says I embarrassed her at the mall the other day because I wore short shorts. She says I shouldn’t wear them because I am almost 40. I disagree! If you got […]

100.7 Star–07/08/2015

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Dear Scott: What If My Fiance Finds Out The Ring I Gave Her Is Used (By My First Fiance)?

Dear Scott: I am in love with a wonderful woman and am about to propose with an engagement ring that once belonged to my ex-fiance. She returned it after we broke up. My family and […]

100.7 Star–07/06/2015

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Dear Scott: Are You Kidding? My Stepmother Invited My Ex To Our 4th Of July Party!

Dear Scott: My stepmother has invited my ex-boyfriend to our family’s Fourth of July barbecue. They work at the same company and still talk even though we are no longer together. I’m bringing my new […]

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Dear Scott: Was I Wrong To Buy A Pole-Dancing Kit For My Boyfriend’s Birthday?

Dear Scott: For my boyfriend’s birthday I bought a pole-dancing kit off the Internet. I practiced my routine for a week and thought he’d be thrilled. He said I looked cheap and told me to […]

100.7 Star–07/01/2015

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Dear Scott: My Wife Is Cooking For The 4th…Let’s Hope We Don’t Get Sick

Dear Scott: My wife and I are hosting a Fourth of July barbecue. During our Memorial Day barbecue she burst into tears and fought with family members, who teased her for her famously bad cooking. […]

100.7 Star–06/30/2015