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Dear Scott: What Do I Tell The Boss’s Wife When She Asks Me If Her Husband Is Cheating?

Dear Scott: I have been placed in an uncomfortable situation at work. My boss’s wife has been calling me to see if he has been cheating. Although I don’t know for sure, I do know […]

100.7 Star–06/18/2015

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‘B!@#$, I’m Madonna’ Music Video Includes A TON Of Celebs (And No Class)

Someone is trying a LITTLE too hard.

100.7 Star–06/17/2015

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Dear Scott: I Got Drunk And Asked Her To Move In With Me, But I Didn’t Mean It. Now What Do I Do?

Dear Scott: A few weeks ago, I got drunk and asked my girlfriend to move in with me. Now, I’m not so sure that I want her to. The trouble is she’s already given notice […]

100.7 Star–06/17/2015

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Dear Scott: My Cougar Boss Wants Me…I Think!

Dear Scott: I’m a 22-year old guy and work in a shipping warehouse. My boss is an attractive woman in her mid-40’s, and kind of a cougar. She’s always telling me how hot I look […]

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Dear Scott: We Broke Up And He Says I Owe Him All Of The Gifts He Gave Me

Dear Scott: My boyfriend and I broke up three weeks ago. Now, he’s asking me to return all of the gifts he bought me. He never proposed so there is no engagement ring, but there […]

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Dear Scott: I’m Calling The Cops On My Best Friend Neighbor

Dear Scott: My next door neighbor has kids running around her house, inside and out, at all hours of the night. They play in the backyard, the pool and the trampoline. I’m an early riser […]

100.7 Star–06/10/2015

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Ed Sheeran Does It Again! (Video)

It’s Friday so I’m not going to say much, because who has time for that, but just watch Ed sing Fetty Waps’s “Trap Queen” on the Tonight show with the Roots!!!!


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Dear Scott: Can I Forbid My Daughter From Seeing An 18 Year-Old Boy?

Dear Scott: My 16 year-old daughter has been dating a 18 year-old boy for the last 3 years. They fight, break up, make up, date again. Then start the vicious cycle all over again. They […]

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Lion King and Aladdin Cast Sings At Airport!

This is so awesome my six year old self is fan girling out right now! The Broadway cast of Lion King and Aladdin were stuck at the airport for six hours due to bad weather, […]