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Toddler + LED lights= enjoyment for all!

Your welcome. I say this ahead of time because after you watched this adorable :22 second video you will be both smiling from ear-to-ear and also trying to devise how to string LED lights around […]

100.7 Star–10/24/2013

(Photo By: Elista)

Let’s Talk: Burgh’s BEST Halloween Candy!!!

In order to save your pumpkins we’re going to find the best Halloween candy to give out. What’s your FAVORITE Halloween candy? VOTE NOW!

100.7 Star–10/22/2013

(Photo TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Sam STILL Mad at Bobby

Sam has a gut feeling her man Bobby is cheating & we want you to hear what happens when Sam STILL doesn’t like her happy answer.



What We Learned on Twitter Today! (October 11, 2013)

Happy Friday to you all! I took home the week with the ‘new person every 10 years’ fact but Flick was very close behind me with just 1 less vote. We got a random listener […]

100.7 Star–10/11/2013

(photo credit: Dana Spataro /100.7 Star Listener)

#BubbaShowSunrise Photos

Click to view Pittsburgh sunrises from Star listeners and upload your own sunrise photo.


Getty Images  Timothy A Clary

Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him.. You Will Laugh Until You Cry

John makes us all laugh and then cry. In a good way. I think. The funniest Lingerie or Leave him here!



Bubba Show: We Ask YOU Ladies If You Agree With This List

We ask ladies if you agree with these things that you should STOP doing! Do you do these? Are you guilty? Are there more of them? Are these dead on? Read here.



What We Learned On Twitter Today! (September 10, 2013)

Flick won again– I will not have this! haha! We had KDKA’s Bill Rehkopf as our judge today and he thought Flick’s tweet about McDonald’s was better than mine about JT. My question– is ANYTHING […]

100.7 Star–09/10/2013


What We Learned On Twitter Today! (September 6, 2013)

CLEAN SWEEP BABY! I took home 4 wins STRAIGHT this week– I want to say it’s because I am an expert fact-seeker but I think I can just attribute it to VERY smart judges ;) […]

100.7 Star–09/06/2013