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WWLOT: Warren Buffett offered $1 billion for WHAT?! vs. Doritos were first created WHERE?! Read more here!

It’s Tuesday and it’s 40 degrees in Pittsburgh! I think that’s a reason to celebrate ;) Jeff Hatthorn from brother station 93.7 The Fan served as our judge today and said he had no choice […]

100.7 Star–02/18/2014

Justin Bieber

Best Bieber Photos

Got a favorite Justin Bieber photos? Take a look at our collection and choose the best one. And yes, his mugshot is an option!


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Dear Scott Email: Dating Guy Still Living With Wife

Dear Scott: I recently started dating a guy that is separated from his wife, but still living in the same house with her. He said he can’t afford another place right now. My friends say […]

100.7 Star–01/23/2014

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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him With Another Unexpected Ending

Lucy has a bad feeling that her man Mark is cheating on her. This doesn’t end the way you are expecting. Listen here!


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Dear Scott Email: 10 Year-Old, To Pay Or Not To Pay

Dear Scott: My wife and I are fighting about whether or not to pay our 10 year-old son for doing chores. She thinks he should be paid. I don’t. He gets free room-and-board, free food […]

100.7 Star–01/16/2014


Melanie’s Free Savings Friday With Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

Happy New Year! Let us begin the new year with some FREE and some great savings! Look here!


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WEBTASTIC: ‘Duck Dynasty’ resumes filming after Phil Robertson comments

Well, it’s official, Duck Dynasty will resume filming in the Spring after Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments in an interview with GQ magazine. A&E put Phil on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ from the series on December 18th […]


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WEBTASTIC: Brad Pitt’s beautiful letter to Angelina Jolie!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have proven time and time again that they are a strong couple, that goes without saying. He has penned an open love letter to his wife that will give you […]

100.7 Star–12/27/2013

(Courtesy Columbia Records)

Watch Beyoncé Give New Song ‘XO’ Its Live Debut

Bey let everyone in attendance at the latest Mrs. Carter World Tour stop know that she expected them to sing along, even though the album had dropped not even 24 hours before.



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