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Dear Scott: Am I Cheating When I Fantasize About Adam Levine While Playing Scrabble?

Dear Scott: My sister and I got into a heated argument last weekend about what constitutes cheating. I occasionally fantasize about a couple of celebrities, like Adam Levine when playing scrabble with my fiancé. My […]

100.7 Star–06/04/2015

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Dear Scott: Does My Girlfriend Have The Right To Say, “Quit Smoking Or Else?”

Dear Scott: My longtime girlfriend has asked me to give up cigarettes. They are my only vice. I love smoking because it relaxes me and takes my mind off my stressful job. My girlfriend gave […]

100.7 Star–06/02/2015

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Dear Scott: Why Can’t I Say “No Kids” At My Wedding?

Dear Scott: My fiance and I have begun planning our wedding. I don’t want to invite any children because we’re on a tight budget and only have a limited number of spaces available within our […]

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Dear Scott: He Was A Serial On-Line Dater. Red Flag, Or Just A Guy Looking For Love?

Dear Scott: Last weekend, I attended a Memorial Day BBQ and introduced my new boyfriend to all my friends. I was shocked because some of them already knew him or knew of him. Before me, […]

100.7 Star–05/29/2015

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Dear Scott: Was I Wrong To Be Shocked By A 5 Year-Old Breastfeeding In Public?

Dear Scott: We were shopping in the mall with our kids this past weekend and saw a woman breast feeding a small child on a bench. That got our attention, but the thing that shocked […]

100.7 Star–05/27/2015

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Dear Scott: I’m In Love With My Step-Cousin. Do I Follow My Body Or Mind?

Dear Scott: I’m 30 and have had a crush on my step-cousin, Bradley, since I was a little girl. We wanted to have a relationship in our teens, but knew our families would hit the […]

100.7 Star–05/22/2015

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Dear Scott: Should Our 18 Year-Old Pay Rent? My Husband Says No!

Dear Scott: My son will graduate from high school in a few weeks. My husband and I are so proud of him but we’re arguing over the issue of him having to pay rent now […]

100.7 Star–05/21/2015

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Dear Scott: How Do I Tell My Husband I’ve Been Having Drinks With Male Costumers To Increase My Tips?

Dear Scott: I work as a hair stylist at a high-end salon. A month ago, I had drinks with a male client without telling my husband. The next time the client came in he left […]

100.7 Star–05/20/2015

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Dear Scott: How Do I Tell My Future Mother-In-Law I Can’t Wear Her Hand-Me-Down, Rusted Engagement Ring?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend recently asked me to marry him. I accepted his proposal with the understanding he would buy me an engagement ring this summer when he could afford it. We went to his […]

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