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Dear Scott: Do I Tell My Best Friend That Her Boyfriend Is Cheating Or Not?

Dear Scott: This weekend I was out to dinner with my husband and saw my best friend’s boyfriend out with another woman. It was clear they were more than friends because they reached across the […]

100.7 Star–05/13/2015

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Dear Scott: Am I Wrong For ‘Loving’ Him For The Gifts And Nice Restaurants?

Dear Scott: I have been dating Steve for 3 months and am torn over whether or not to continue seeing him. He is very average looking, but is extremely successful and makes a lot of […]

100.7 Star–05/12/2015

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Dear Scott: Why Am I In The Doghouse For Buying My Ex-Wife A Mother’s Day Card?

Dear Scott: My home has turned into a frozen tundra. My wife is giving me the cold shoulder because I sent a Mother’s Day card to my ex-wife. We have two kids together. My wife […]

100.7 Star–05/08/2015

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Dear Scott: Do I Choose My Mother Or My Wife On Mother’s Day?

Dear Scott: I am not sure exactly how this happened, but I am now forced to choose between my Mother and my wife for Sunday. I agreed to visit my Mother in Cleveland for Mother’s […]

100.7 Star–05/07/2015


Dear Scott: I Am A 40 Year-Old Recently Divorced Mom Who Wants To Get A Tattoo. Too Old?

Dear Scott: I am 40 and recently divorced. I feel free, happy and young again and want to celebrate with a tattoo. Part of me feels I’m too old for it and need to be […]

100.7 Star–05/06/2015

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Dear Scott: Does His Gift Of Coffee Mean He Wants A Latte More?

Dear Scott: I have a guy friend at work that knows I love Starbucks coffee so now he brings me a cup every day after lunch. I really appreciate it but I can’t help but […]

100.7 Star–05/04/2015

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Dear Scott: I Am A Virgin. Should I Tell Her?

Dear Scott: I am four dates into a new relationship with a woman I really like. I have put off anything physical, but I am getting signals she is interested. Part of the reason I […]

100.7 Star–05/01/2015

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Dear Scott: Is 11 Too Young To Diet? My Daughter Wants To Wear A Bikini.

Dear Scott: My 11 year-old daughter is feeling self-conscious and wants to diet before summer. She thinks she looks fat and wants to lose weight so she can wear a bikini. She’s perfectly curvy, but […]

100.7 Star–04/30/2015

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Dear Scott: I Didn’t Know He Was Married, But Do I Tell His Wife About Our One Night Stand?

Dear Scott: I met an attractive man at a recent business event. We hit it off and had drinks afterwards. We ended up hooking up. He said he’d text me, but when he didn’t, I […]

100.7 Star–04/28/2015