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Interview: Rixton Talk Music Idols, from Michael Jackson to Marilyn Manson

There are two distinct schools of boy band: the Beatles and Motown. Rixton, it seems, are firmly in the Beatles camp when it comes to being a band made up of boys, but they do love their Michael Jackson.


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Web Junk: Pittsburgh Man’s Proposal

This Pittsburgh guy flew from LA back to the Burgh to propose to his girlfriend and she has no idea!


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Are Queen and Adam Lambert Finally Heading Out on Tour Together?

Queen and Adam Lambert have performed together numerous times, but could a tour be in their future? All signs point to yes.


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E-List: Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

I told you about Taco Bell introducing breakfast so we got the entire menu on the #EList for your to start drooling over…


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WWLOT: Warren Buffett offered $1 billion for WHAT?! vs. Doritos were first created WHERE?! Read more here!

It’s Tuesday and it’s 40 degrees in Pittsburgh! I think that’s a reason to celebrate ;) Jeff Hatthorn from brother station 93.7 The Fan served as our judge today and said he had no choice […]

100.7 Star–02/18/2014

Justin Bieber

Best Bieber Photos

Got a favorite Justin Bieber photos? Take a look at our collection and choose the best one. And yes, his mugshot is an option!


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Dear Scott Email: Dating Guy Still Living With Wife

Dear Scott: I recently started dating a guy that is separated from his wife, but still living in the same house with her. He said he can’t afford another place right now. My friends say […]

100.7 Star–01/23/2014

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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him With Another Unexpected Ending

Lucy has a bad feeling that her man Mark is cheating on her. This doesn’t end the way you are expecting. Listen here!


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Dear Scott Email: 10 Year-Old, To Pay Or Not To Pay

Dear Scott: My wife and I are fighting about whether or not to pay our 10 year-old son for doing chores. She thinks he should be paid. I don’t. He gets free room-and-board, free food […]

100.7 Star–01/16/2014


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