Man In A Box: Helping The Homeless


Your generosity lead to over $18k in donations that will go to your neighbors in need via the incredible services of the Salvation Army. From all of us at 100.7 Star, you are truly an inspiration.

Man In A Box

It can be easy to forget that homelessness is a daily reality for many people. As we are preparing menus for family dinners, too many other families are having to choose between buying food or shivering in the cold.  Too often, when we see a homeless person on the streets, we want to look the other way. The unfortunate truth is that there are many more homeless families who remain unseen.

The ‘Man in a Box’ event is designed to shine a light on the dark reality of homelessness in Western Pennsylvania.

 All year, The Salvation Army feeds homeless families and their children to help break the cycle of poverty. 100.7 Star is helping The Salvation Army to raise awareness.

On February 25, 26 and 27, 100.7 Star’s Flick will live outside at PPG Place, adjacent to Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh– experiencing the hardships of living homeless first hand.

He will have minimal shelter and heat, no water and only the same food provided to the homeless by The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services program to homeless individuals in our area every day.

The goal is to provide awareness as well as raise funds to help support the Red Shield Campaign which benefits Emergency Disaster, Family Caring Center and Comprehensive Social Service, all of which play a role in assisting the homeless.

Please help the Salvation Army continue to provide these programs:

  • serve the homeless by providing food and overnight lodging
  • provide educational, counseling and vocational services to homeless and destitute individuals and families for extended periods
  • address long-term specific issues of youth for whom family care is undesirable or unavailable
  • address specific health or societal driven needs of particular populations
  • empower homeless providing skills necessary for independent living


Click here to see photos from both inside and outside the box at Man In A Box.


Read real-life stories of people helped by the Salvation Army. Click here.

How You Can Help

Please join The Salvation Army on the front lines of compassion, fighting the good fight against despair. Your contribution is an investment in futures, because what it ultimately provides is a sense of hope for those who have none.

Donate Online

Our goal is to help the Salvation Army raise $10,000 to help the homeless in Western Pennsylvania. Please help us reach that goal. Click here to donate online.

Text to Donate

Text GIVEPGH to 80888 to make a $10 donation to The Salvation Army*. $10 will provide 3 hot meals to a homeless person.
*You will receive a confirmation text back.

About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is dedicated to caring for the poor, feeding the hungry and educating our youth. They respond to emergencies, shelter the homeless, reunite families, and renew health to addicts. Wholistic service is the goal – to meet physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of families and individuals. They provide innovative, affirmed and successful programs and services to bring hope, strength and success to people throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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