Jade Hilliard

John Mayer Can’t Handle Nicki Minaj’s Flirtacious Tweet

He must still be losing it, ’cause we have yet to see a response after he said “please hold.”


Chrissy Teigen Tweets About Buying A Sports Team And Everyone Believes Her

Joke or not, the Cleveland Browns couldn’t get much worse so they’d be lucky to have you Chrissy 😉


Check Out Our Pens’ Latest Snapchat Story

If this doesn’t make you eagerly ask, “Is it hockey season yet?!” then I don’t know what will.


Restaurant Accidentally Released Hysterical Notes About Its Guests

Being a celebrity doesn’t always mean being an above-average person. When they go to restaurants, they tend to act WORSE than any other guest, and these leaked notes are about to prove that.


Nintendo’s Toad With Legs Will Give You Nightmares

I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


A ‘Jersey Shore’ Reunion is Under Way

We seem to have a ‘Situation’ on the shores of Jersey!


WATCH: Momma Bear Gives Babies Piggy Back Across Lake

Super mom’s come in all shapes, sizes, and… species?!


WATCH: Father Daughter Duo Create Their Own Carpool Karaoke

This is by far the CUTEST carpool karaoke to date (sorry James Corden!)


[PHOTO]: Lady Gaga’s Hiking Outfit Is More Extra Than Your Weekend Attire

Who else would we expect to be this extra just to go hiking?



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