Maria D’Antonio

Behind the Scenes: Sylvester Stallone on the Set of ‘This Is Us’!

Did you know he had a cameo this season?!?!?! ME EITHER.


Someone Photoshopped ‘DINOSAURS’ into ‘Jurassic Park’!

This combines two of the BEST things from the 90s!


Passenger Tries to Smuggle GIANT LOBSTER in Checked Luggage!

Someone tried to smuggle a 20 POUND GIANT LOBSTER, a LIVE one, in their checked luggage at Boston Logan Airport!


Someone Turned Pokemon into Balloon Animals!!!

Now THESE I’d be willing to catch!


BLUE Lobster Caught Near Cape Cod!

This thing looks like it’s straight outta Spongebob.


WATCH: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Apologize to Australia

This is painful to watch.


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