Scott Alexander


Scott is married to Marianne and lives in the South Hills. Father to 3 daughters and “dad” to 2 female cats (the other 2 are males), Scott’s exposure to excessive female hormones has driven him to make homemade beer leading to a fair amount of sampling. Or is it the other way around? Oh, and adding a male dog into the hormonal mix a few years ago has proven to be a total bust. Give up…women rule!

Scott pretends he is running away every morning, when in reality it’s a 3 mile trend mill run that keeps him firmly planted in front the CBS Morning News on TV. Why run 3 miles a day? Did you see the line about the beer making and sampling? Loves music (favorite song: “Mad World” by Gary Jules), sports (helluva Ping-Pong player), live theater and working. Yes, working. Motto: Do what you love and everything will work out. Makes sense that Scott is working alongside you every weekday from 10am-2pm. Thanks for listening!

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Dear Scott: I Got Drunk And Asked Her To Move In With Me, But I Didn’t Mean It. Now What Do I Do?

Dear Scott: A few weeks ago, I got drunk and asked my girlfriend to move in with me. Now, I’m not so sure that I want her to. The trouble is she’s already given notice […]

100.7 Star–06/17/2015

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Dear Scott: Help! My Daughter Has Fallen In Love With A Loser

Dear Scott: My 19 year-old daughter floored my husband and me last night when she said she may not attend Slippery Rock in the fall because she’s fallen in love with her new boyfriend. She […]

100.7 Star–06/16/2015

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Dear Scott: My Cougar Boss Wants Me…I Think!

Dear Scott: I’m a 22-year old guy and work in a shipping warehouse. My boss is an attractive woman in her mid-40’s, and kind of a cougar. She’s always telling me how hot I look […]

100.7 Star–06/15/2015

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Dear Scott: We Broke Up And He Says I Owe Him All Of The Gifts He Gave Me

Dear Scott: My boyfriend and I broke up three weeks ago. Now, he’s asking me to return all of the gifts he bought me. He never proposed so there is no engagement ring, but there […]

100.7 Star–06/11/2015

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Dear Scott: I’m Calling The Cops On My Best Friend Neighbor

Dear Scott: My next door neighbor has kids running around her house, inside and out, at all hours of the night. They play in the backyard, the pool and the trampoline. I’m an early riser […]

100.7 Star–06/10/2015

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Dear Scott: Can I Forbid My Daughter From Seeing An 18 Year-Old Boy?

Dear Scott: My 16 year-old daughter has been dating a 18 year-old boy for the last 3 years. They fight, break up, make up, date again. Then start the vicious cycle all over again. They […]

100.7 Star–06/05/2015

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Dear Scott: Am I Cheating When I Fantasize About Adam Levine While Playing Scrabble?

Dear Scott: My sister and I got into a heated argument last weekend about what constitutes cheating. I occasionally fantasize about a couple of celebrities, like Adam Levine when playing scrabble with my fiancé. My […]

100.7 Star–06/04/2015

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Dear Scott: My Son Is In His Room With His Girlfriend – And The Door Is Closed; What’s A Mom To Do?

Dear Scott: My 18 year-old son is putting pressure on me to allow him to entertain his girlfriend in his bedroom with his door shut. He and I have been battling for weeks. He says […]

100.7 Star–06/03/2015

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Dear Scott: Does My Girlfriend Have The Right To Say, “Quit Smoking Or Else?”

Dear Scott: My longtime girlfriend has asked me to give up cigarettes. They are my only vice. I love smoking because it relaxes me and takes my mind off my stressful job. My girlfriend gave […]

100.7 Star–06/02/2015

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Dear Scott: Why Can’t I Say “No Kids” At My Wedding?

Dear Scott: My fiance and I have begun planning our wedding. I don’t want to invite any children because we’re on a tight budget and only have a limited number of spaces available within our […]

100.7 Star–06/01/2015