Send Some Pittsburgh ‘Love’ To Ottawa Senators Owner Eugene Melnyk

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Did you ever hear of the saying:  “KILL HIM WITH KINDNESS?”
Yea?  Well, that is what we are asking YOU, our most loyal, amazing, wonderful Pittsburgh Penguins fans to do!
Who are you killing with kindness?  The Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk who took to twitter with this tweet
Rude right?  We have the BEST fans in this city and we surely aren’t classless. How dare him?
Start writing your lovely kind comments below to Mr. Melnyk. Bubba Show will start:

Mr. Melnyk,

Bubba here in Pittsburgh.  I just wanted to say what an amazing of an organization you have and how excited we are to be playing such an amazing franchise with so much talent and integrity.  We know the best team will win the series and while we wish you nothing but luck (you will need it) and good health, we know in the end our Penguins will prevail.

Let’s Go Pens!!

Your Mom!!


Dearest Mr. Melnyk,

I’ve been reading such untruths about you on twitter and I’m just here to say that you seem like you are an amazing man.  So truthful, talented, generous and never ever mean or nasty.  You seem like someone I could hang out with and have a beer with.  I wish your team good luck in this next series.  I surely know your social media engagement will stay clean, nice and completely full of truths about our amazing Penguins.


Melanie Taylor

Dear Gene,

Just want to say that your organization is amazing.  I know the best team will win. By the way, I think you are hot…


(I’m single)

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