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Soldiers Surprises Son In Picture Day Photobomb (VIDEO)


100.7 Star–04/21/2015

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Brand New ‘Jurassic World’ Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Dinosaurs, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

100.7 Star–04/20/2015


Baby Timberlake Silas’ First Picture

I mean how could their child NOT be gorgeous?!

100.7 Star–04/20/2015

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New Pandora Ad ‘Unique Connection’ Is A Tearjerker (VIDEO)

Grab the tissues– this one is a doozy.

100.7 Star–04/20/2015

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US Senator’s ‘Let It Go’ Ringtone Interrupts Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

Frozen in a Senate hearing? First for everything!

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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Her reaction is priceless.

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry BERATES Parking Lot Attendant (VIDEO)

Words can’t express how many things I want to say to this chick.

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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People Are LOSING IT Over Viral Math Problem! (PICTURE)

And this was supposed to be for 14-year olds?! WHAT?!

100.7 Star–04/16/2015

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Mom Receives Angry Letter Over Constant Baby Pictures (PICTURE)

These are what we call AWFUL friends.

100.7 Star–04/15/2015

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New Bill Proposes Bars In PA Stay Open Until 4 A.M.

This could be REALLY awesome or REALLY bad.

100.7 Star–04/15/2015