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WEBTASTIC: Dog Wakes Up From Nap To Sing When Favorite Song Comes On! (VIDEO)

He sings with such PASSION! Go doggy, go!

100.7 Star–12/02/2014

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Girl Scouts Introduce Online Sales Of Cookies! HALLELUJAH!

Thin Mints delivered to my door? Someone heard my prayers.

100.7 Star–12/01/2014

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‘Prynt’ Case Instantly Prints Pictures Taken With Your Smartphone! SELFIE MANIA!

In 30 seconds, you have a PERFECT ‘Polaroid-like’ picture. SIGN ME UP!

100.7 Star–12/01/2014

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WWLOT: Michael Keaton Turned Down MILLIONS!? vs. Rubber Ducky! Read More Here!

David from SDC Remodeling joins us to help judge!

100.7 Star–11/26/2014

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Thanksgiving Cooking Hacks To Make YOUR Life Easier!

Pour another glass of wine because they are going to save you SERIOUS time!

100.7 Star–11/26/2014

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‘Jurassic World’ Trailer JUST Released! (VIDEO)

*chills* RUN!!!

100.7 Star–11/25/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Pregnant Thanksgiving Turkey Prank! (VIDEO)


100.7 Star–11/25/2014

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Confirms Halftime Show In ‘Superbowl Halftime Testing Facility’! (VIDEO)

Edible glitter, bacon, kittens– she just covered all of the bases.

100.7 Star–11/24/2014


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