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‘You Never Tweeted Me Back, John Mayer’

Kids say the darnest things.


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Best Fish Sandwich In The Burgh

Lent is here and our search for the Best Fish Sandwich In The Burgh resumes. Some say size matters. Others swear it’s all about the batter. You say you like yours with tartar. While the [...]



Scott Warns Asher Monroe About A Crazy Woman Named ‘Taylor’

Watch video of Asher Monroe performing “Hush, Hush” at 100.7 Star.

100.7 Star–01/24/2013

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Bubba Show Countdown: Top 30 Songs Of The Year

Who had the #1 song of the year? Listen to Bubba Show Countdown the final weekend of the year. You’ll blow the surprise if you click on this story. I dare you to resist!


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What To Get Rid Of In The New Year

28 days and counting to a New Year. If you could rid the world of something to start the new year, what would it be?

100.7 Star–12/04/2012

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Burgh’s Best Places To See Fall Colors

The fall colors are peaking right now, but where do you suggest we get the best peek at them right now?


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Devilish Dance Party With Scott Alexander

You are invited the the Devilish Dance Party this Friday night on the South Side. Horns are optional. Not for me. Mine are real. Moo hahahahahahaha


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Poll: Would You Quit Your Job After Winning The Lottery

You win the lottery on Saturday let’s say. The Powerball will be up to close to 200 million dollars by the way. You quitting your job? Listeners were surprisingly split today. Weigh in.


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EXCLUSIVE: Sidney Crosby On Fate Of Penguins Hockey This Year

Pittsburgh Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby is finally “100 percent healthy,” but the league and owners he plays for are not. Listen to an exclusive interview with Sidney to hear his thoughts on the possibility the 2012/2013 season will actually start in 2012.


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Rob Thomas Rolled His Eyes At Me

Last time Rob Thomas was in Pittsburgh I asked him a question about dogs and football. So why did I get Rob’s wrath?