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Dear Scott: Better To Have Prom Party At Our House Where I Can Control The Alcohol, Right?

Dear Scott: My daughter wants to have a post-prom party at our house. She’s asked for permission to drink. My daughter is 17 and I’m sure if I say NO she will party somewhere else. […]

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Dear Scott: Who Is He To Judge My Bikini Gram Job?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend and I are fighting because I just applied for a job at a local entertainment company that provides singing bikini-grams for birthday and bachelor parties. My boyfriend says the job is […]

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Dear Scott: My Friend Is Dating A Boss In My Office Who Is Cheating On Her. Do I Tell?

Dear Scott: My friend is dating a man, who works in my office. They’ve been together for a month and seem happy. I recently went into his office where I glanced at his computer screen […]

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Dear Scott: The Mean Girls Have Ruined My Daughter’s Prom. How Do I Fix?

Dear Scott, My daughter, a senior in high school, just sent me a text that breaks my heart… “So since the other girls in our prom party don’t like me and don’t want me to […]

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Dear Scott: How Can He Say Getting In A Hot Tub With Another Woman Was Not Cheating?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend Jimmy and I are fighting over something that happened last Saturday. I went out with my sister while he went out with his best friend, Lars to a sports bar and […]

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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Dear Scott: My Girlfriend’s Chihuahua Is Ruining Our Relationship. Help!

Dear Scott: My girlfriend’s Chihuahua despises me. He is always growling and often looks at me like I’ve done something wrong. In order for me to win my girl’s heart I am going to have […]

100.7 Star–04/16/2015

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Dear Scott: Should I Marry A Man Who Thinks A Woman Shouldn’t Be President? Go Hillary!

Dear Scott: My fiance and I had a huge fight on Monday because he thinks women, like Hillary Clinton, who I support shouldn’t be President. He believes men are better suited to get things done […]

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Dear Scott: My Ex Wants Me To Consent To Plastic Surgery For Our 5 Year-Old

Dear Scott: My ex-wife is nuts. She’s running with a group of pageant moms and trying to turn our 5 year-old into a princess. Last week, she approached me about getting plastic surgery for our […]

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Dear Scott: I Am Considering A Last Fling Before I Get Married. Yes Or No?

I’m getting married in June, but can’t stop thinking about a woman I work with. We flirt a lot and joke that she is going to be my last fling before I get married.

100.7 Star–04/09/2015

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Dear Scott: It’s Not His Baby, Do I Break His Heart & Tell Him?

Dear Scott: Six months ago, I broke up with John because he was a jerk, who treated me like an object rather than a woman. A week after the breakup, I met Tony. It was […]

100.7 Star–04/08/2015