Scott Alexander

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Train’s Pat Monahan (Right): Can You Name The Pittsburgh Restaurant In 1999 Photo

That’s me, Scott Alexander with Pat Monahan of Train back in the day at the only restaurant that could host a Train dinner party. Can you guess where the photo was taken in 1999?


Photo of a teacher. (Photo/ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/GettyImages)

Scott Alexander: Teacher Claims The Best 3 Things About Teaching Are June, July And August

Even though teachers seem to love what they do, some clearly value their summers off. Others have been waiting for the “greatest time of the year.”


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What Turns Women Off

What was I thinking when I asked you, “What turns you off about men?” My favorite caller agreed with my conclusion, “men should not get into women’s pants.” Listen to the conversation that lead us down that skinny road.


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100.7 Star Poll: No-Hitter, Gold Medal or MVP?

For callers to the show It was nearly unanimous, almost everybody choosing to win a Olympic Gold Medal. What about you? Is there anything better than winning on the world stage?


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Worst Pick Up Line Ever

Did you really fall for some of these lines?


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Driving Can Be Dangerous To Your Marriage

Whether women are driving the car or not, they are clearly in charge. What a surprise. Let’s practice guys, “yes dear.”


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EXCLUSIVE: Batmobile Wedding Of Pittsburgh Sportscaster

How Many People Can Watch “The Dark Knight Rises” This Weekend And Say, “Happy Anniversary” And “That’s The Batmobile We Got Married In”? Only WPXI-TV/Channel 11′s Rich Walsh And Wife Michelle.


Rudy and Lil Jon

My Daughter Is A Backup Dancer For Lil Jon

Abby, Lil Jon and my daughter Rudy at Diesel performance on Friday.


Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Divorce Settlement: She’ll Take The Football Tickets

What is the one thing you would have to have in a divorce settlement? Forget the kids, what about the dog or the Steeler tickets.



How Hot Is It In Pittsburgh: It’s So Hot…

All together now, “how hot is it”?