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Dear Scott Email: “I Take Thee To Be My Lawfully Wedded Prenup”

Dear Scott, I got engaged a couple of months ago and am so excited about our wedding next summer. My fiancé works in his family’s very successful business. The issue of a prenup never came [...]

100.7 Star–05/28/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Backseat Wife Drives Husband Crazy

Dear Scott, We always spend Memorial Day weekend at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in South Carolina. My wife and I both prefer that I do the driving. But that doesn’t prevent my wife from [...]

100.7 Star–05/27/2014


Dear Scott Email: Chocolates Equal Cheating So Says Co-Worker

Dear Scott: I stopped at Giant Eagle before work last week. While there, I saw a coworker’s husband buying chocolates and a romantic card. When I didn’t see either on my coworker’s desk I asked the girls [...]

100.7 Star–05/21/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Husband Cheats With Sister In Dreams

Dear Scott: My husband joked the other day about how he dreamt about sleeping with another woman. But not just any woman…my sister! He thought it was funny and innocent and obviously didn’t think it [...]

100.7 Star–05/19/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Ex Says, “Surprise, You’re A Daddy”

Dear Scott: I just found out that I have a son with an ex-girlfriend. I am engaged to another woman, who would freak if she found out about my child. Should I tell my fiancé [...]

100.7 Star–05/15/2014

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Dear Scott Email: The Secret The Boyfriend Can’t Tell The Girlfriend – You’re Fired

Dear Scott: I am an assistant manager where I work and have been in on some meetings where decisions have been about upcoming layoffs. Not only have several nervous coworkers ask me about what I [...]

100.7 Star–05/14/2014

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Dear Scott Email: 12 & 13-Year-Old’s Home Alone

Dear Scott: I am going on a four-day business trip and my husband is joining me so we can make it a bit of a vacation too. Our 12 and 13 year-old daughters insist they [...]

100.7 Star–05/13/2014

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Dear Scott Email: How Did Mother’s Day Turn Into Mother-In-Law Day?

Dear Scott: I am worried sick about Mother’s Day. This is only my second Mother’s Day as a young mom, but last year my husband insisted that we spend the whole day at his mother’s [...]

100.7 Star–05/09/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Child Abuse Or Discipline Debate?

Dear Scott: We were in the grocery store this weekend and noticed a woman first yelling at a child in the shopping cart, and then hitting him. I couldn’t believe it and wanted to report [...]

100.7 Star–05/08/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Mom Puts The Brakes On Kids Bikes

Dear Scott: With summer on the way my husband and I have started arguing again over whether our 7 and 9 year boys should be allowed to ride their bikes on the street. We live [...]

100.7 Star–05/05/2014


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