Scott Alexander

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Dear Scott Email: Mom Puts The Brakes On Kids Bikes

Dear Scott: With summer on the way my husband and I have started arguing again over whether our 7 and 9 year boys should be allowed to ride their bikes on the street. We live [...]

100.7 Star–05/05/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Couple Fight Over Rent For College Grad Son

Dear Scott: Our son is graduating from Slippery Rock University next weekend and then moving back home to live with us while he looks for work. He has a part time restaurant job lined up [...]

100.7 Star–05/02/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Spider-Man Sighting In Pittsburgh

Dear Scott: My 3-year-old son is obsessed with Spider-Man and has a pair of Spider-Man pajamas that he has refused to take off. I mean we’re talking huge tantrums when we try to force him. [...]

100.7 Star–05/01/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Weigh In On The Weight Of 13-Year-Old

Dear Scott: My 13 year-old daughter asked me to buy her a scale. On one hand I want her to be aware of what her healthy weight should be which could encourage her to eat [...]

100.7 Star–04/30/2014

Scott  Alexander and Sam Smith (photo credit: Scott Alexander/100.7 Star)

100.7 Star’s Pittsburgh Debut of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’

Let us know what you think of the song.


(Photo/John D'Amico)

Best Fish Sandwich in the Burgh

Lent is here and our search for the Best Fish Sandwich In The Burgh resumes.


Sara Contestants

Reliving: A Singing Contest To Meet Sara Bareilles Gone Wrong

Sara Bareilles is coming back to Pittsburgh. Recall her “surprise” visit a couple of years ago.



Scott Warns Asher Monroe About A Crazy Woman Named ‘Taylor’

Watch video of Asher Monroe performing “Hush, Hush” at 100.7 Star.

100.7 Star–01/24/2013

Mike Ruocco performs at 100.7 Star's Baierl Acura Theater

Mike Ruocco Plays the Baierl Acura Theater Despite Being A Ravens Fan

He said his wife’s family was from Monongahela, so we let him in.


Mike Ruocco performs at 100.7 Star's Baierl Acura Theater

“Live” Star Music In The Baiel Acura Theater with Mike Ruocco

Do rock bands really drink “cosmos”?



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