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Dear Scott Email: Dog In Bed Means No Treats For Daddy

Dear Scott: My wife and I bought a dog a month ago. He cries at night so my wife has been putting in bed with us where he sleeps in the center between us. I [...]

100.7 Star–06/26/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Boyfriend Needs To Grin & Bear Girlfriend’s Bare Midriff

Dear Scott: My girlfriend is an out of work teacher. She has been a waitress in the meantime and just got a job offer from The Tilted Kilt. I have no problem with her working [...]

100.7 Star–06/20/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Smokers Get All The (Work) Breaks

Dear Scott: I work in a small office of 12 people. 5 of them smoke. We have a written company policy of 3 breaks a day yet the smokers take somewhere between 6-8 breaks. I [...]

100.7 Star–06/17/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Wife Returns Dress After Stealing It For A Night

Dear Scott: My wife recently bought an expensive dress for an event we were going to, only to return it afterward. She does this probably once or twice a year.  I love my wife dearly [...]

100.7 Star–06/16/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Woman Urges Boyfriend To Put Tongue Away

Dear Scott: My boyfriend has a habit of sticking his tongue out when he is concentrating on something. I know it is unintentional, but it drives me crazy. When I point it out to him, [...]

100.7 Star–06/13/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Does Ex-Boyfriend Get Gifts Back?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend and I broke up three weeks ago. Now, he’s asking me to return all of the gifts he bought me. He never proposed so there is no engagement ring, but there [...]

100.7 Star–06/12/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Father’s Day Forgotten By Kids Frustrates Mom

Dear Scott: My kids are 12, 15 and 18 and are all old enough to know it is Father’s Day on Sunday. Yet once again, I am the only one planning anything. I would love [...]

100.7 Star–06/11/2014

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Dear Scott Email: On-Line Love Affair Advice

Dear Scott: The last three years have sucked. Several bad relationships and two jobs going nowhere. I recently met a great guy on and traveled across the country to see him. We got along [...]

100.7 Star–06/10/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Does Bride-To-Be Say Yes/No To “N” Word?

Dear Scott: My fiancé’s family is awesome and they have welcomed me with open arms into their family. My soon-to-be father-in-law is great too, except for the fact that he uses the “N” word often [...]

100.7 Star–06/06/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Nosy Neighbor Butts In To Kids Chores

Dear Scott: I am writing because I am concerned about my neighbor’s children. They are 6 and 7. On Saturday, he had them clean both of his cars, rake the lawn, pull weeds and clean [...]

100.7 Star–06/02/2014


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