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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Divorce Settlement: She’ll Take The Football Tickets

What is the one thing you would have to have in a divorce settlement? Forget the kids, what about the dog or the Steeler tickets.



How Hot Is It In Pittsburgh: It’s So Hot…

All together now, “how hot is it”?


Cellphone In Toilet

Cellphone Drops In Toilet, You Going In For It? Listeners Are

How much do you love your cellphone? Would you dig through the garbage for it? Would you fight someone for it? Would you run into traffic for it? And most importantly, would you reach into the toilet for it?


George Clooney

100.7 Star Poll: Hottest Or Nicest?

George Clooney is the hottest, Tom Hanks the nicest in Hollywood. Which would you choose to be, hottest or nicest?


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Fireworks In Bikinis Seemed Like A Good Idea

Jennifer’s brother can’t grow hair on the back of his head, Sara stays home on the 4th and I have scars on the arm where the explosion occurred. What is your fireworks gone bad story?


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100.7 Star Poll: Will Jury Convict Jerry Sandusky?

The question is not whether Jerry Sandusky is guilty, the question is whether the jury will convict him. What do you think?


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The Verdict: Dottie Sandusky, In Denial Say Listeners

You have spoken and you say Dottie Sandusky is in denial and a few more choice words!


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Dorothy Sandusky: Devil, Dumb Or In Denial

Behind every “bad” man there is a “bad” woman?


Mark Wahlberg and son Michael

Top 5 Lamest Father’s Day Gifts

My Mother told me she loved the soap-on-a-rope I got her. Quick, read this so you don’t make the same mistake with Dad this weekend.


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My Baseball Emasculation At The Best Ballpark In America

Travel and Leisure magazine names it the Best Baseball Park in America. Just don’t ask my wife about her birthday there last year, please.