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Dear Scott: My 16 Year-Old Daughter Wants To Sleep Over At Her 17 Year-Old Boyfriends House

Dear Scott: My 16 year-old daughter has asked me if she can sleep over at her boyfriend’s house on the weekends. He is 17 and has a spare bedroom because his 21 year-old sister just […]

100.7 Star–03/13/2015

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Dear Scott: Clerk Gave Me Too Much Change Back, Do I Return Or Keep?

It’s not my fault the clerk added wrong and gave me way more cash than she was supposed to.

100.7 Star–03/12/2015

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Dear Scott: My Husband Says I Am The Reason He Cheated On Me

Dear Scott: My husband cheated on me. We are now in marriage counseling. He told our counselor that I am the reason he cheated. He said once a month is not enough and warned me […]

100.7 Star–03/11/2015

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Dear Scott: My Daughter Wants A Male Stripper At Her Sweet 16

Dear Scott: My daughter wants to have a male stripper at her Sweet 16. She got the idea after watching the trailer for the new Magic Mike movie. My ex doesn’t care what our daughter […]

100.7 Star–03/10/2015

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Dear Scott: My Girlfriend Is Moving In With A Guy “Friend.” How Worried Should I Be?

Dear Scott: My girlfriend is planning to move in with a guy, who she calls one of her best friends. I’m upset about it even though she says I have nothing to worry about. My […]

100.7 Star–03/09/2015

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Dear Scott-My Boyfriend Created A Baby With Another Woman On A Break. Do I Stay With Him?

The Chris Brown story about him having a 9 month-old baby without his girlfriend knowing is eerily similar to my situation. Do I have any reason to be mad at my boyfriend?

100.7 Star–03/06/2015

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Dear Scott-My Buddy’s Girlfriend Hit On Me. Do I Tell Him?

Dear Scott: My friend’s live-in girlfriend recently ‘came on to me’ while he was out of town on business. I was at Steel Cactus on the South Side just having a few drinks when she […]

100.7 Star–03/04/2015

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Dear Scott: Are My Wife’s Fantasies About Other Men Cheating?

Dear Scott: My wife shocked me on Saturday when she confessed she fantasizes about other men when she is with me. I thought she was kidding. She says she does it because ‘she has to’ […]

100.7 Star–03/03/2015

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Dear Scott: Caught Roommate’s Boyfriend On Tinder…Do I Tell Her?

Dear Scott: My roommate’s boyfriend may be cheating on her. I was recently home alone when I walked into the kitchen and saw that he left his phone here. He was logged on to Tinder. […]

100.7 Star–02/18/2015


Dear Scott: Is Sending A Valentine’s Card To Ex-Boyfriend Cheating?

Dear Scott: My Valentine’s Day weekend was ruined by a fight I had with my boyfriend. He accused me of cheating because I sent an ecard to my ex-boyfriend. I love all holidays and always […]

100.7 Star–02/16/2015