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Channing & Jimmy Read A Script From A Greensburg Kid

You gotta watch Channing & Jimmy reading this hilarious script from a Greensburg girl here!


Bubba Show

Chores For The Kids This Summer Are Here!

What is the chores your kids should be doing this summer? Look here!


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Bubba Show: Lingerie Or Leave Him Leaves Amanda In Tears & Nick Giving Up

Nick today just completely lost it on Amanda even after Amanda apologized, cried and begged for him to calm down. Listen here.



Channing Tatum Surprises Women With A Sexy 3D Dance

If this happened at a private screening where I was….I would have LOST MY MIND! Look here!


Adam Levine performs at the 87th Oscars February 22, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Have You Seen Maroon 5’s New Video For ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’? HOLY MY GOSH (NSFW)

Well, here it is. Adam’s butt. And his new video. Look here!


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Mom Shames Her Daughter Over Lies Regarding Facebook

This Mom shames her daughter in this viral video after she finds out her daughter has lied about facebook. Look here.


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David Letterman’s Final Top Ten List

Watch the FINAL David Letterman Top Ten List here!


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Mia Z’s New Song Pharrell Helped With … WOW!

Mia Z has a new song! Pittsburgh native and Season 8 The Voice contestant had help from producer and coach Pharrell. Look here!


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Billboard Music Awards Update Here

Just a small quick recap of last nights winners and moments on The Billboard Music Awards. Check here!


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Bathing Suits Through The Years… Women Are Beautiful In All Of Them

So fun to see the ever changing bathing suits from the 1920’s until today! Look at them here & remember ladies how beautiful you are in them!