Lingerie Or Leave Him ... Guy Loses His Temper Hard CoreSo, this isn't safe for kids to hear and today Lingerie or Leave Him involves Bubba and the guy LOSES his temper horribly! Listen here.
Ariana Grande & Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Their ConversationWatch this quick video of Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon talking to each other by lip syncing song lyrics!
What Went Wrong With This Couple? Shane Is ConfusedShane truly thought his group date with Lauren went well, but then he NEVER heard back from her. Listen to what happened here.
Beyonce Teases Lemonade... But, What Is It?Beyonce is doing something.. what is that something? Watch the teaser here!
Lingerie Or Leave Him: Char Confronts Darrell - A LOT!What does Char think about her cheating boyfriend Daryll? Is he cheating? Listen here.
Plum HS 6th Annual Pens Lip DubHere is the 6th annual Plum HS Penguin Lip Dub! Watch it here!
A Happy Ending For My Kiddo & Her Stuffed AnimalA happy ending for my kiddo! Did your child ever lose a favorite stuffed animal?
In Case You Want To See What Retirement Looks Like For DaveTake a look at David Letterman in retirement here!
The Battlegrounds In Homestead Is Awesome!Take a look first hand at The Battlegrounds which is airsoft at its very best locally!
How Many Girls Do YOU See In This Instagram Photo?Can you give us an answer on how many girls you see in this photo? Click here to see it!
Deka Lash Is One Of My Favorite PlacesTake a look at the NEW Deka Lash studios for your amazing eyelash extensions!
Here Is The Full List Of Oscar Winners!Here is the FULL list of the 88th Oscar winners last night!

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