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Women Give Their Younger Selves Advice (VIDEO)

This is exactly what we all need right now.

100.7 Star–08/27/2015

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Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice (VIDEO)


100.7 Star–08/05/2015

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WEBTASTIC: Nick Offerman Offers VERY Wise Advice To College Freshmen! (VIDEO)

Ron Swanson NAILS it again!

100.7 Star–09/11/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party & Gives Awesome Advice! (VIDEO)

Bill Murray is the man. Enough said.

100.7 Star–05/27/2014

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Web Junk: How To Ask Out A Girl (Using Her Advice)

Take her advice on asking a girl out!


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Dear Scott EMail: Mother-In-Law Muzzle

Dear Scott: I am dreading Thanksgiving because my mother-in-law will inevitably spend half the day critiquing me about the way I’m raising our kids. My husband refuses to stand up for me out of fear […]


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Conor Maynard’s Simple Advice To Be A Great Valentine

Let’s stop thinking about what your valentine can do for you and start thinking about if you are doing a good job being your special someone’s valentine. If you’ve given a listen to Conor Maynard’s […]



Valentine’s Reads: When Love Needs Help

Finding a Valentine isn’t always easy. Keeping one can be even harder. For those who are alone, or those who just feel alone, this Valentine’s Day we’ve pulled together some of the best books to […]