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The Biggest Reason You Watched The BCS Game

If you have a heartbeat you noticed Katherine Webb last night in the stands at the BCS title game. Most men did. Did you? Did your man? Click the story to see her!


10 Hopeful Songs For Lousiana & New Orleans

The spillzone flooding in Louisiana meant to protect the bigger cities like New Orleans is definitely a hot button topic. But no matter what side of the opinion fence you sit on, there is one […]


You Have To Be Crazy If You’re A Storm Chaser

With all the tornado’s in the past few weeks I’ve seen people doing some crazy stuff on YouTube.  Now I know I’m freaked out by mother nature, after all look at the things she could destroy. […]


Is Bon Jovi Worth a Trip to Vegas?

Conflicting reports are out today about the possibility that Bon Jovi may spend some serious time performing on the strip in Las Vegas.


Ridiculous TV story and song!

This morning we played the audio from this news story on the air. Plus we added an Auto Tune song version of the story.  We want YOU to vote for Homeboy Auto Tune for tonights […]