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Scott Warns Asher Monroe About A Crazy Woman Named ‘Taylor’

Watch video of Asher Monroe performing “Hush, Hush” at 100.7 Star.

100.7 Star–01/24/2013


Why Does Scott Alexander Hate Asher Monroe?

Scott kicks off this episode by telling Asher Monroe, “We all hate you.” Asher is a triple-threat: singer, actor and dancer. “We collectively maybe have one talent that we do half-well,” leading Scott to express […]

100.7 Star–01/24/2013

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Asher Monroe Loves The Holidays

“I love a lot of Christmas songs. Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays.”


(credit: BWR)

You Asked, He Answered: Would Asher Monroe Ever Date A Fan?

“I’m never going to say no to anything but I’m also not going to say completely yes. I’m going to be a little bit in the middle.”


(courtesy BWR)

Asher Monroe Weighs In On One Direction’s GRAMMY Snub

“I think they have a lot of hype behind them. I don’t know if they’ve been around and proved themselves enough.”


(courtesy BWR)

Asher Monroe Reveals What Acting Has Taught Him

“It’s a totally different field but there are a lot of qualities within both that I think can help each other.”


(courtesy: BWR)

If Asher Monroe Were A Superhero, He’d Freeze Time

“Having those dreams that are coming true lately definitely is a surreal feeling. So, sometimes I guess I wish I do have a pause button.”


(courtesy: BWR)

Asher Monroe Collaborates With Chris Brown & Ryan Tedder On New Album

“His creative process is so amazing to watch in person. He comes up with ideas so fast,” he said of the OneRepublic frontman.


(courtesy: BWR)

From Boy Band To Solo Artist: Meet Asher Monroe

“‘Here With You’ was a fun song to write. I wanted a song that had that anthem-y, dance feel,” he said.


(courtesy: BWR)

Asher Monroe Reveals His Favorite Halloween Costume

“I’m always that last minute guy that’ll just put something random together.”




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