Baierl Acura Theater


“If Somebody’s Really Trashing Us But They Do It In A Very Funny Way, We Appreciate It” -Rob Thomas

The guys in Matchbox Twenty really do like to read their bad reviews. “If somebody’s really trashing us but they do it in a very funny way, we appreciate it a little more than just somebody just saying nasty things” Rob Thomas tells the audience of the Baierl Acura Theater.


100.7 Star Listeners With Matchbox Twenty!

Leave It To Melanie To Discuss Shoes & Hair Styling Products With Rob & Kyle Of Matchbox Twenty

Here are Rob & Kyle performing the next single from the Album, North, “Overjoyed” live in the Baierl Acura Theater.



Bonus Footage From Rob & Kyle Of Matchbox Twenty In The Baierl Acura Theater

Check out Rob Thomas and Kyle Cook of Matchbox Twenty performing “She’s So Mean” for us in the Baierl Acura Theater at 100.7 Star.

100.7 Star–09/13/2012

Rob Thomas Rolled His Eyes At Me

Last time Rob Thomas was in Pittsburgh I asked him a question about dogs and football. So why did I get Rob’s wrath?


Neon Trees greets fans

Neon Trees Stops By The Baierl Acura Theater

Check out photos of Neon Tress in the Baierl Acura Theater


Neon Trees

Neon Trees Talk The Coolest Places To Perform

Chris and Tyler reveal the coolest venues they’ve ever played along wtih the coolest person they’ve ever played for beofre launching into their most recent hit, “Everybody Talks”.

100.7 Star–08/22/2012

Neon Trees

The Members Of Neon Trees Are All Utahans; What’s A Utahan?

Do you know what a Utaan is? All the guys in Neon Trees are Utaans. See the video to find out what exactly is a Utaan and watch their performance of “Lessons In Love” in the Baierl Acura Theater

100.7 Star–08/22/2012

Colbie Caillat - "U.S. Tour 2012"

Colbie Caillat Performing Bubbly In Pittsburgh Without Being Attacked By Mayflies

Thankfully, Colbie visited 100.7 Star earlier in the day. So here’s an uninterrupted rendition of “Bubbly”, live from the Baierl Acura Theater.


Matisyahu with Bubba & his kids!

Bubba Brought His Whole Family To See Matisyahu

Bubba and his entire family are Matisyahu super-fans. The whole clan was stoked to get upclose and personal with him.

100.7 Star–07/30/2012

Matisyahu plays at 100.7 Star!

Matisyahu Tells Us About The Evolution Of His Sound

His first album, Live at Stubbs was a live recording of one of his early shows. “That first record was a live record…made in a rock club. So that’s a live show and it’s pretty awesome the success, that record has sold like 800,000 copies” says Matisyahu.

100.7 Star–07/30/2012