Baierl Acura Theater

Junior Doctor Plays In The Baierl Acura Theater

The Controversial Origins Of Junior Doctor

Toucan Cave/Universal Recording Artists Junior Doctor reveal the lie that is the origin of their band name while visiting the Baierl Acura Theater.  Here is Junior Doctor Performing their debut single, “UH OH”.


Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten’s Take On Salt N Pepa & Snoop Dogg

Rachel Platten had a little fun with some 90’s rap in the Baierl Acura Theater.  Here’s Rachel channeling Salt N Pepa and Snoop D-oh-Double-G!


Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten Performs “A 1,000 Ships”

Rachel Platten performs her single “A 1,000 Ships” in The Baierl Acura Theater at 100.7, Star.



Andy Grammer And The Power Of Positive Thinking

Before opening for Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer stopped by Star to play a few songs for some listeners and staff members.  Here’s Andy singing his hit about the power of positive thinking, “Keep Your Head Up”, […]