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Let’s Talk…Justin Bieber’s Leopard Audi

Is it okay for a grown man to drive a leopard Audi? Not saying the Biebs is a “grown man” but he’s old enough to speed around a neighborhood.


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Justin Bieber’s New Ink

Justin Bieber is inking is whole body and doesn’t give a… what Wiz said. Not only did he get a koi fish, now he has this angel above his wrist. His new tat just so happens to look A LOT like Selena Gomez!


What Did Bieber Do To His Hair?

  [lastfm link_type=””]Justin Bieber [/lastfm]was bound to do it sooner than later right?  That signature hair.  It isn’t the same.  UGH!!  What did he do?


Justin Bieber’s Fans Are Making Death Threats!

Some of Justin Bieber’s fans are sending death threats to Kim Kardashian.