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Dear Scott Email: How A Man Tells A Woman She Should Put Something Else On

Dear Scott: My girlfriend always asks how she looks when she tries on clothes. She is curvy and not everything is meant for her body shape, but I’ve never told her the truth. How do […]

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Dear Scott Email: Facebook Strikes Again: BF In Talks With Ex

Dear Scott: I need advice. So my bf is talking to his ex-girlfriend who he knows I don’t like. I found out on my own from facebook . I asked him about it and we […]

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Dear Scott Email: Girlfriend Says Secrets Are A Good Thing

Dear Scott: I recently started dating a woman, who insists on going out with her girls at least once a week. When I asked her what they did on Saturday night, she got offended and […]

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WEBTASTIC: Girl Holds Open Audition For ‘Perfect Boyfriend’! HILARIOUS! (VIDEO)

This couldn’t go wrong, right?

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Dear Scott Email: Cat Vs. Man: Cat Wins

Dear Scott: I dated a guy for over 3 years and started to see some controlling issues in him the closer we talked about moving in together. What made me totally break it off was […]

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Dear Scott Email: Grinding Equals Cheating?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend went out on Friday, got buzzed and then danced closely with another woman. Two of my friends saw him and texted me. He didn’t deny it and says he didn’t do […]

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Let’s Talk: The Perfect Girlfriend

Nobody is perfect but the perfect girlfriend apparently exists. Here is what she needs to have!


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E-List: Top Things YOU Cuddle with in the Cold

It was ONE COLD ahh night! Hopefully you had something to snuggle up with! Here are the…

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Bozo: She Choked Her Boyfriend Because He Wouldn’t Stop Singing WHAT?

This chick CHOKED her boyfriend because he wouldn’t stop singing Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”. Do you like “Thrift Shop” or did this guy have it coming?


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Rent a Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day!

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? NO PROBLEM! RENT ONE! If you live in China… $8/hr and if you want a kiss or hang out with old people throw a couple extra yen in!




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