Bubba Show

Honey Boo Boo's New Song & VideoYou waited to see this one! It is Honey Boo Boo's new video and song! Look here!
What Do You Think Of These Pictures of Bubba?I snagged some more pictures of Bubba for you all to see! Look here & let us know what you think!
Jimmy Fallon JIMPIRE & A Great Big World PerformsJimmy Fallon last night did an Empire skit that was HILARIOUS called JIMPIRE. Then watch our Nightmare On Hellsworth performance A Great Big World here.
This Is Lisa Who Called Bubba Show About NOT Being Able To Find A GuyLisa can't seem to find a good guy and she is so OVER it.
67th Annual Emmy Awards ReCap HereTake a look at the list of the Emmy winners and some of the fashion from last night! Frances McDormand who graduated from Monessen and was taught by my Mom won!
The Hottie Last Night At The GOP Debate Was NOT TrumpHere is the name of the HOT guy that was on the GOP debate last night....Look here.
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Once Again Show Their Love For Each OtherI do NOT think I can love these two anymore! Anything that they do together is HILARIOUS! Best 1:18 of your day!
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake History Of Rap 6 (Ellen Too!)All of these videos of Fallon, Timberlake and Ellen are sure to make your Thursday! Watch them here!
Lingerie Or Leave Him: Max Gets Truly Rude With ShannonTake a listen to Max on Lingerie or Leave Him today! He calls US out and then calls Shannon names! NOT COOL Max!
Rachel Platten Visits 7 Year Old Cancer PatientRachel Platten visited a sweet child who has cancer and he sings TO her! Sweet amazing video is here!
I Want To Share About My Dad.....I want to get truly real with our Bubba Show family about the anniversary of my Dad's death that is happening.
Bubba & I Show Our Bodies...Bubba & I decided to reveal to our Bubba Show family MORE of us. Literally. Look here.