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Let’s Talk… Burgh’s Best Pizza Toppings

There is never a wrong way to eat a pizza, just as long as you get that ZA! AHH! I’m currently on a pizza diet/kick whatever you want to call it, that’s all I eat. So what’s the best topping?


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E-List: Burgh’s Best Halloween Costumes

These are the top Halloween costumes I saw this weekend…

100.7 Star–10/28/2013

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

E-List: Burgh’s BEST Halloween Candy

You voted and here they are! The Burgh’s BEST Halloween Candy!

100.7 Star–10/23/2013

(Photo By: Elista)

Let’s Talk: Burgh’s BEST Halloween Candy!!!

In order to save your pumpkins we’re going to find the best Halloween candy to give out. What’s your FAVORITE Halloween candy? VOTE NOW!

100.7 Star–10/22/2013

(Photo credit should read GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/GettyImages)

The Burgh’s Best: GTL…Who has the best GYM?

You got to get your GTL on to prepare for 100.7 Star Presents DJ Pauly D at EXIT night club in the strip! WHO has the best gym in the Burgh? Help us find the Burgh’s Best Gym!



Burgh’s Best: Who has the best ice cream in the burgh?

I need your help on this one Pittsburgh…who has the BEST ice cream in the BURGH?