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Man Charged After Saving Small Dog From Hot Car (VIDEO)

This boils my blood.

100.7 Star–05/14/2015

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry BERATES Parking Lot Attendant (VIDEO)

Words can’t express how many things I want to say to this chick.

100.7 Star–04/17/2015

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Bulldog Lays On Horn When Owners Leave Him In Car (VIDEO)

This is so annoying yet so adorable.

100.7 Star–04/02/2015

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WWLOT: Larry From World Of Wheels Joins Us To Judge!

World of Wheels happening at David L. Lawrence Convention Center this weekend! More info here!

100.7 Star–01/22/2015

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WEBTASTIC: Woman Breaks Stranger’s Window To Save Baby In Hot Car! (VIDEO)

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

100.7 Star–09/23/2014

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Dear Scott: You Won’t Believe Where He Wants Me To Eat

Dear Scott: My husband and I have these ridiculous arguments nearly every time we attempt to eat out. Sometimes we drive around in circles hoping being in the car will help us solve the issue. […]

100.7 Star–09/12/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Curling Iron Creates Vacation Turnaround

Dear Scott: We were an hour into our drive to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago when my wife questioned whether she had turned off her curling iron. I assured her she did, but […]

100.7 Star–07/16/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Man Sits In Hot Car To Show Conditions When Children Are Left! WOW! (VIDEO)

I can’t imagine how a child would feel– MUST WATCH TO ALL PARENTS!

100.7 Star–07/14/2014

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Dear Scott Email: Backseat Wife Drives Husband Crazy

Dear Scott, We always spend Memorial Day weekend at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in South Carolina. My wife and I both prefer that I do the driving. But that doesn’t prevent my wife from […]

100.7 Star–05/27/2014

Elista in her future car

The Situation: Car Broke Down AGAIN

I’m on the side of the highway by an exit so anyone could merge over into me. Nothing like calling AAA at 1:00 am, and now the cops are chilling with me trying to get a tow too.

100.7 Star–09/25/2013