Elista in her future car

The Situation: Car Broke Down AGAIN

I’m on the side of the highway by an exit so anyone could merge over into me. Nothing like calling AAA at 1:00 am, and now the cops are chilling with me trying to get a tow too.

100.7 Star–09/25/2013

Elista in her future car

E-List: Normal Things vs. Elista Things You Find In Your Car

So there are typical things you might find in your car such then there are abnormal things such as whatever is in my car…

100.7 Star–09/04/2013

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

BOZO: Mom Leaves Kid In car to Attend Lil Wayne Concert

People please whatever you do tomorrow…I know it’s gonna be hotter than Weezy’s six pack, but please… do not leave your kid in the car at First Niagara Pavilion.



Here’s Bubba Show Pet Of The Week

Every week Bubba Show features a pet who needs a home. This is Chester and he is THE sweetest dog. Click here to help find Chester a home.


Evans City

Bubba Show: Temperatures All Over Western Pa

We asked you to send us pics of your car thermometers from this morning, and wow is it cold outside. Check out the different temps in different neighborhoods


(Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

Driving Can Be Dangerous To Your Marriage

Whether women are driving the car or not, they are clearly in charge. What a surprise. Let’s practice guys, “yes dear.”