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Dear Scott: My Wife Is Accusing Me Of Cheating For Calling Out Another Woman’s Name In My Sleep

Dear Scott: My wife and I had a huge fight on Tuesday. She got mad because I called out another woman’s name in my sleep. She also claims I moaned and laughed. I don’t even […]

100.7 Star–07/09/2015

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Dear Scott-My Buddy’s Girlfriend Hit On Me. Do I Tell Him?

Dear Scott: My friend’s live-in girlfriend recently ‘came on to me’ while he was out of town on business. I was at Steel Cactus on the South Side just having a few drinks when she […]

100.7 Star–03/04/2015

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Dear Scott Email: Be The Better Person Or Turn His %#$ In?

Dear Scott: My boyfriend recently cheated on me which ended our 3-year relationship. As upset as I am, I’m trying to resist being vengeful. But I know he cheated on his taxes and I’m fighting […]

100.7 Star–04/15/2014

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Web Junk: Anniversary Prank Gone Wrong

Watch as this guy tries to pull a prank on his girlfriend of five years!



The Situation: If you could cheat and get away with it would you?

This is THE most adulterous week of the year for some reason.