Study Concludes Nice Guys Don't Always Finish LastYou've heard the saying 'nice guys finish last'. That may not be true any longer, at least according to one study.
Dear Scott: He Dated My Worst Enemy, But Does His "We Were On A Break" Excuse Cut It?
Bubba Show What Went Wrong: Patty & johnPatty thought they had a great first date. John never called her after that. So whatwent wrong?
Taylor Swift (May) Have A New Manfriend! (PICTURE)No surprise, his ridiculously good looking.
Katie Holmes Photographed Holding Hands With New Man!Speculated and NOW confirmed!
Emma Watson's (Rumored) New Boyfriend Is...I am oozing jealousy & happiness.
Bubba Show: What Went Wrong - Holly & RobHave you ever been out on a first date and thought it went great? But then you NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN!?
WEBTASTIC: Pittsburgh's Joe Manganiello Has A New Celebrity GirlfriendFirst Zac Efron now THIS?! How are the women of the world supposed to deal with this kind of stress!
WEBTASTIC: Zac Efron's New Celeb Girlfriend?! SAY IT AIN'T SO! (PICTURE)Zac Efron off the market?! NOW WHO IS GOING TO BE MY HUSBAND!?
WEBTASTIC: Sandra Bullock Dating Younger (Sexy) Actor! GO 'HEAD GIRLFRIEND! NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME!
Pittsburgh Named One Of The Least Open-Minded Cities For DatingZoosk unveiled the most and least open-minded cities in America... guess where Pittsburgh fell!
E-List: Signs Dating Isn't For YouMaybe you thought about dating this year. Maybe you should rethink it...

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