Daylight Savings Time

(Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

E-List: The Best Places to Take a Nap

Do you feel like you’re dragging today? You’re not the only one! That lost hour of sleep IS KILLER! Hopefully you make up for it here within a week via getting extra sleep at night or possibly taking a nap. These are the BEST places to take a nap!


Playstation 2 And The Hip-Hop Summit Present "Race To The Polls"

Daylight Savings Time Drama

Rapper[lastfm link_type=””] Flava Flav [/lastfm]probably has NO problem remembering to “fall back” this weekend since he usually wears a HUGE clock around his neck. Well, I have a story that I can laugh about now […]


Finally, A Day With 25 Hours

We fall back an hour this weekend as we drop the “Daylight Saving” and revert to  “Eastern Standard Time”. An extra hour of sleep I assume? Officially the switch takes place at 2:00am Sunday morning when […]