This Dog Loves His BananasThis dog is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! You just sung that out loud.
Dog Apologizes For Doing A Bad Thing (VIDEO)It should be illegal how cute he is.
Dog's Priceless Reaction To Hearing She Doesn't Have Cancer (VIDEO)LILY! YOU ARE THE BEST!
Man Charged After Saving Small Dog From Hot Car (VIDEO)This boils my blood.
Man Punches Bear In The Face To Protect His Dog (VIDEO)Because what else is there to do?! DUH!
Dog Looks IDENTICAL To John Travolta! (PICTURE)Something you will can't unsee.
Dog Doesn't Want Baby In His Bed - Flips Her Out! (VIDEO)In all fairness, it is HIS!
WEBTASTIC: Dog Wakes Up From Nap To Sing When Favorite Song Comes On! (VIDEO)He sings with such PASSION! Go doggy, go!
WEBTASTIC: Soldiers Returning Home To Their Dogs Compilation! (VIDEO)HAPPY TEARS!
Pet Of The WeekEvery week, our wonderful friends from the Western PA Society bring in a wonderful pet who needs a home. This week it is the cutest dog named "Ginger". Click here to find out how you an help.
Pet Of The WeekEach week, the Western PA Humane Society brings in a loving animal who needs a home. Click here to find out how you can help Emma get adopted.
E-LIST: Reasons Having A Dog Is Better Than A Significant OtherYour dog is always down to hang out! Who needs a significant other when you have a furry friend!

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