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Web Junk: News Anchors React To St. Patrick’s Day Earthquake

Check out the KTLA news anchors taking cover from the earthquake during their live broadcast…


Besides Freak Out                   Credit: Getty Images

What To Do In The Event Of An Earthquake

Ok, so we just felt a little shaky because of the 5.9-magnitude earthquake in Virginia. Some of the folks in the office went outside, other stood in doorways and everyone stood around saying, “Did you […]


Katy Perry, Adele, Madonna, And Over 30 More Musicians Contribute To “Songs For Japan”

In what stands as a major global music relief effort to benefit those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, over 30 of the biggest names in contemporary music have joined together for the […]


The Dirt: Comedian Earthquake In The Studio Talking Jersey Shore

If you missed the Hollywood Dirt this morning, Comedian Earthquake was in the studio and sort of created his own “Dirt” when we started talking about Jersey Shore!