Cher Meeting Men On Facebook

Do you want to date Cher?  She is 64, but apparently has created a Facebook page to meet men.


Jane Lynch Set To Host SNL

Another Facebook campaign got Jane Lynch to host SNL this fall.


Jorge LOVES Facebook

This morning our favorite Ecuadorian (actually the only one we know)…stopped by the studio. Jorge !  He LOVES Facebook and is on it 24/7….so he did some research and found the best status updates EVERY! […]


Facebook Of CEO Says What?

Listen to what he said and read more!


Kelly Osbourne Is Single

She was engaged to a model named Luke Worrall, but not anymore.


Radio Formspring

You have heard of Formspring, it is a facebook ap where people can ask you anything!  For months, we have done the radio version of Formspring…where you can call or text us any question in […]


A movie about the making of Facebook is coming.

The first teaser trailer has been released for “The Social Network”, the movie about MARK ZUCKERBERG, the college student who founded Facebook and became a billionaire.


Radio Formspring

Every so often we do something called Radio Formspring. Where YOU can ask us any question in the world.  It is that simple…and we promise (at least Shelley and Bubba) to answer the question honestly! […]


Another Betty White Facebook Campaign!

After the successful Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host SNL, there’s a new one!


Radio Formspring!

Have you seen Formspring on Facebook?  Where you can ask anyone anything? Well, we do something called Radio Formspring.  Where you can call us and ask us ANYTHING!  Plus, we guarantee that we will answer […]