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Web Junk: Tuba Scream

You would think something is seriously wrong when you hear this tuba player shriek! As if he is some bad horror film. It’s so funny though I wouldn’t be surprised if he had wet pants after this.

100.7 Star–11/13/2013

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for MTV)

Web Junk: When Twerking Goes Wrong #Burn

Can you twerk? If so let’s see you do it!

Just whatever you do don’t do what this girl did…


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Wavey Wedding Proposal Sign from Above?

They may want to rethink their engagement. Something tells me someone from above is saying this isn’t a good idea. Watch this wave crash one of the most important days of their lives!


(photo by Darrell Ingham /Allsport)

Hooters Girl Picks Up Live Baseball #FAIL

Find out what this Hooters girl does with a live baseball… it’s not what you think!


Courtesy Todd Stefani / Bruiser Pictures

No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani On Releasing Push And Shove: “Unread Right For Process Alaska” (Google Transcription Fail)

Google’s automated transcription turns No Doubt’s otherwise serious behind-the-scenes webisode into a laugh-out-loud comedy.