Flashback Friday

Zack’s Flashback Friday

It’s Friday!  Today, we’re only going back to 2007, but it’s one of my favorite songs.  It’s a funny song, yet heartfelt at the same time.  Rolling Stone said, “The rushed verses of “Foundations” — […]


Zack’s Flashback Friday

I hope you’re having a nice Good Friday and have a Happy Easter!  Today our flashback is going back to the 1950s with the video for Peter Cottontail!


Zack’s Flashback Friday

It might not have been as big of a hit as their first song, What’s Up, but it’s always been one of my favorites from 4 Non Blondes.


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Today, we’re not going back all that far for the Flashback Friday, only to 2007.  This song ended up, back on my ipod last week after the Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical episode.


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Time for this week’s Flashback Friday and today I’ve got a song from 2003 that has recently made it’s way back onto my ipod.


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Today we are going back to the 90’s with New Kids On The Block!


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Pick up the phone, call up the line… and Flashback with me!


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Today we’re going back 10 years to 2001 and we’re going blow your mind!


Zack’s Flashback Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, of the Class of ’99… Wear Sunscreen, and watch Zack’s Flashback video this week!


Zack’s Flashback Friday

It’s the first Friday of 2011 and today we’ll Flashback with Lauryn Hill.





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