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WEBTASTIC: ‘Full Moon Party’- Most Accurate Tampon Ad EVER!! (VIDEO)

To say I would be mortified is an understatement.

100.7 Star–06/19/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Banned ‘Grey Poupon’ Ad! SO FUNNY! (VIDEO)

I have no idea why this would be banned– the creator of this idea should have gotten a raise.

100.7 Star–06/17/2014

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WEBTASTIC: Guy Digitally Inserts Himself Into Britney Spears’ Video! HILARIOUS!

Hats off to Gal Volinez! You sir are amazing!

100.7 Star–06/16/2014

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WEBTASTIC: 8-Year Old’s Letter Home To Mom While At Summer Camp! HILARIOUS!

What an eloquent 8-year old.

100.7 Star–06/12/2014

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Web Junk: HILARIOUS Flight Attendant

You might not be a big “flier” but jump on this plane and I think you’d feel a lot better after this flight attendant makes you crack up…


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Web Junk: How To Fight A Baby

In case you were afraid of babies, no worries! This guy will train you!

100.7 Star–11/26/2013

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Let’s Talk… Funny VS. Good Looking Guys

After talking about the abs it got me thinking whether or not I was attracted to good looking guys. Which one are you more attracted to? Funny or good looking?


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One Direction Pranked By Fake Foreign Film

The guys of One Direction have it all: top selling, record breaking albums; world tours; millions of fans; lovely girlfriends; cute clothes. Next year they’ll have a 3D film. But for those who’d like to […]


Worst Death Scenes in movies

FAIL! The Worst Death Scenes In Movie History For Halloween

So, your horror movie marathon is going great but then it happens. That horrible, cheesy death scene that comes outta nowhere. You know, the one where the hero’s best friend gets stabbed to death from […]