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Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates

How Much Gum Does Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle Chew During A Game?

Every week, we talk to Pirates Broadcaster Greg Brown. Now that the season is over, we decided to get to ask him what we’ve all been wondering. How much bubble gum does manager Clint Hurdle chew during a game? Here’s what he found out.



Bubba Curse Continues So He Must Be Punished

The Bubba curse at PNC Park just won’t quit. So we decided Bubba needed punished for his part in the Pirates’ losing streak. How? It was pretty brutal.



Greg Brown Actually Uses Bubba Show Listener’s Suggestion During Last Night’s Game

For the past week, we’d been asking listeners for “Greg Brown-isms”, sayings that Pirates announcer Greg Brown could use during one of the games. Well, last night he actually used one of them! Find out which one here.


(Photo by Melanie Taylor)

Your Greg Brownisms At The Pirate Game Tonight

We debuted your “Greg Brownisms” on the air today! Which one will Greg choose to announce tonight at the Pirate game? GO BUCS!


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Bubba Show You Come Up With The Next Greg Brownism

We need YOU to come up with the next Greg Brown-ism that he will use in an upcoming Pirate game! Start giving us your ideas now!