Guilty PLeasures

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Guilty Pleasures: Top 10 Love Songs We’re Afraid To Admit We Belt Out

We all have them: those guilty pleasure songs that some snarky music critic or society has deemed as cheesy, bad, or just plain over-played. When it comes to really embarrassing songs that are so ostracized […]


GUILTY PLEASURES: The Dad Life/Break Dancin’ Grandma

Mel’s guilty pleasures this week are videos about people trying to defy aging.  On one-hand, 30-something Dad’s rappin’ hardcore about the “Dad Life”.  Then on the other, a grandmother that can bust a move better […]


GUILTY PLEASURES: Maroon 5, Live Action Dora, Pennsylvania Guys

This week Melanie highlights the sexy and violent new Maroon 5 video for “Misery”, a live-action Dora The Explorer movie trailer spoof of Inception and the latest Katy Perry “Summer Gurlz” parody, “Pennsylvania Guys”.


GUILTY PLEASURES: Rapping Hamsters, Weathermen, and Killer E.T.

In this edition of Guilty Pleasures Mel showcases and other car commercial disguised as a viral video, a rapping weatherman from Texas and a freaky re-imagining of E.T. as a horror film.



Mel’s Guilty Pleasure this week is all about the Pens and the Playoffs.



  That’s right! SOAPS!  Hear what Mel has to say about her Guilty Pleasure. 


Guilty Pleasures “AT WORK SNACKS”

Mel’s Guilty Pleasure this week are the snacks she munches at work in the air studio.