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WWLOT: Why Abraham Lincoln grew his iconic beard vs. Made in China tags are made WHERE?! Read more here!

Happy Monday! It may be gloomy outside but your about to learn 2 new things so that makes it better, right? (I know it doesn’t but follow me here, lol). Jeff Verszyla, Chief meteorologist from […]

100.7 Star–12/09/2013

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Kris and Bruce Jenner- SPLIT UP!

So this comes as NO surprise to anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians– Bruce and Kris Jenner have officially separated. They have been living separately and say they are “much happier this way” […]

100.7 Star–10/08/2013


What We Learned On Twitter Today! (September 4, 2013)

2nd win in an row– I can’t lie, it feels good! 93.7 The Fan’s Chris Mueller thought my tweet about Jim Carrey and Tupac’s relationship was WAY funnier than the hummingbird fact Flick brought to […]

100.7 Star–09/04/2013

The Glorious & Bizarre Realm of Royal Titles

There has been some confusion here in the States as to whether or not Catherine Middleton will actually become a princess once she marries Prince William, and if not a princess, what title will she […]