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E-LIST: Tatics That Will Help You Find A Husband

These tatics that will help you find a husband… maybe not the one you want but it’s worth a shot right?!


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Driving Can Be Dangerous To Your Marriage

Whether women are driving the car or not, they are clearly in charge. What a surprise. Let’s practice guys, “yes dear.”


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EXCLUSIVE: Whitney The Wife Who Had $60K In Debt Called With An Update

Whitney who had $60k of debt her husband did not know about called to give us an update.


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EXCLUSIVE: Husband Reacts To Wifes Debt With His Own Secret

Bubba Show today got to hear the secret that Whitney’s husband had been hiding from her. After she told him of her 60 grand debt in credit cards, Keith responded with a surprise of his own.


Calling 911 for a husband seemed liked a good idea!

An Ohio woman spent three days in jail for calling 911 repeatedly, saying she wanted a husband.