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Dear Scott: My Wife Is Accusing Me Of Cheating For Calling Out Another Woman’s Name In My Sleep

Dear Scott: My wife and I had a huge fight on Tuesday. She got mad because I called out another woman’s name in my sleep. She also claims I moaned and laughed. I don’t even […]

100.7 Star–07/09/2015

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Dear Scott: How Do I Tell My Wife The Belly Shirt Ain’t Workin’ Anymore?

I need your advice on how to tell my wife she needs to change the way she dresses.

100.7 Star–05/28/2015

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Dear Scott: I Didn’t Know He Was Married, But Do I Tell His Wife About Our One Night Stand?

Dear Scott: I met an attractive man at a recent business event. We hit it off and had drinks afterwards. We ended up hooking up. He said he’d text me, but when he didn’t, I […]

100.7 Star–04/28/2015

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Dear Scott: My Wife Says I Was Wrong To Confront Mom Who Hit Child In Store

Dear Scott: My wife and I got into a fight on Sunday because of something I did. We were leaving the grocery store when I saw a mother yelling and berating her son. The boy […]

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Dear Scott: Are My Wife’s Fantasies About Other Men Cheating?

Dear Scott: My wife shocked me on Saturday when she confessed she fantasizes about other men when she is with me. I thought she was kidding. She says she does it because ‘she has to’ […]

100.7 Star–03/03/2015

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Dear Scott: Snooping On Our Kids Social Media Accounts. My Husband Thinks We Should Ask Them For Permission.

Dear Scott: I snoop through my kids social media accounts regularly and see nothing wrong with it. They are 11 and 13 and as much as I want to trust their best judgment, peer pressure […]

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Dear Scott: I Can’t Sleep With My Boyfriend

Dear Scott: Please don’t laugh at this Email. My boyfriend is about to propose. I’m scared and nervous. We get along great EXCEPT I can’t sleep with him. He snores, hogs the covers and kicks […]

100.7 Star–01/05/2015

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Dear Scott: I Am Married But Want To Buy My High School Sweetheart A Christmas Gift

Dear Scott: Last month, I ran into my high school sweetheart at a friend’s birthday party. Since then, we have become Facebook friends and secretly exchange texts on a daily basis. We are both married […]

100.7 Star–12/15/2014

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Dear Scott: My Wife Put Our 2 Year-Old On A Lease

Dear Scott: My wife and I are planning on taking our two year-old with us for Black Friday shopping. Because of the huge crowds my wife wants to use a child leash on our son. […]

100.7 Star–11/25/2014


Dear Scott: Wife Says Take All Of Your Sick Days Whether You Are Sick Or Not

Dear Scott: My husband and I totally disagree about going to work sick. He never calls off, even when he has the flu because he is so scared he will be faulted for missingĀ  work. […]

100.7 Star–11/17/2014