Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler Are Shocked And Awed By Brad Blanks

“Oh my god, that’s awful!” shouts Adam Sandler, standing next to Jennifer Aniston, the both of them laughing out loud during a red-carpet interview for their new movie Just Go With It. They were bowled over […]


The Razzie Awards Are Announced

  Can you believe the movie Eclipse is possibly getting a Razzie award?  The Razzies are for the WORST movies.   Team Edward fans what do you think about that? Plus, Jennifer Aniston can’t catch a […]


Chelsea Handler Rips On Angelina Jolie

It started in New Jersey and continued here.


Is Jennifer Aniston Going To Bare All

The rumor hasn’t been killed yet! 


Jennifer Aniston Most Eligible Single Woman

Some might call her a loser in love, but her fans think otherwise. 


Celebrities Victims Of Credit Card Fraud

Even big stars like Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Cher have to be careful when they use credit cards. 


Jennifer Aniston As Barbra Streisand

Jennifer Aniston did a photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar


It Was The Camera’s Fault

Remember that picture of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston..


Bowling Anyone?

Guess there’s no doubt about the relationship between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston!