Jesse James

Top Ten: Celebrity Cheaters

With the news today that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his staff we decided to reflect on the Top Ten Celebrity cheaters …


Jesse James Says I Cheated On My Wife But So Do Millions Of Other Men

  And that makes it right…..Yeah, Jesse should probably think about NOT talking so much……


Sandra Bullock Says There’s Only One Man In Her Life

Sandra Bullock is trying crush rumors that she and Ryan Reynolds are more than just friends.


People Magazine Names Its Best And Worst Of 2010

People Magazine is out with the best and worst of 2010. 


Top 5 Halloween Costumes. At #3

At #3: Jesse James & Michelle “Bombshell” McGee You’ll need a billion fake tattoos for both of you (including a forehead one for the lady). The guy will need to grow a hideous goatee and […]


So The Jesse James Dat Von D Rumor Is True

After Jese James was spotted with LA Ink star Kat Von D in Las Vegas last weekend, their reps said, “No!  They’re not dating!!”  They’re just friends!  Not so says Kat. 


Apparently Jesse James Is Over Sandra Bullock

Seems Jesse James has moved on from Sandra Bullock and he can’t stay away from tattoed strippers!  Who is it this time?


It’s Final…

Looks like the rumors that Sandra Bullock was ready to take Jesse James back were just that…Rumors! 


100.7 Second Entertainment Report For Thursday

All the entertainment info you need in just100.7 Seconds!


Jesse James Opens Up About Everything on Nightline

He calls himself the most hated man in the WORLD! Jesse James talks about cheating on Sandra Bullock, her adopted baby, and what he expects his relationship to be AFTER the divorce.  Click More to […]