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Celebrities Speaking Out About New York’s Gay Marriage Law

Friday night, New York state legalized gay marriage, and celebrities took to twitter, facebook and released statements on how they feel about the law.


Kathy Griffin To Appear On Glee

Kathy Griffin has made Sarah Palin a target in her act for quite a while, but now, she may be playing a Palin-inspired character on an upcoming episode of Glee.


Never Miss The Dirt With JR Bubba And Shelley

If you messed up and didn’t hear the Hollywood Dirt report (or Holiday Dirt report as Shelley kept saying), then check out what you missed, including who the highest paid reality stars are and why Kathy Griffin […]


Bristol Palin Responds To Kathy Griffin’s Comments

If you believe the rumors, Bristol Palins was the first celebrity EVER to gain weight during her time on Dancing With The Stars.


Kathy Griffin & Levi Johnston Break Up!

Remember he was her date for the Teen Choice Awards? Well, Kathy will move on now.  This video says it all!


Kathy Griffin Will Get Televised Exam

Televised colonoscopies are out!  That’s what Kathy Griffin is hoping anyway.



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