People Are Obsessed With The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey's "Closer" And We Are TooWE AIN'T EVER GETTING OLDER!!!
Kelly's Surprise Bridal Shower!!!We surprised Kelly with a bridal shower today at the station. Watch her reaction!
Short Girl Problems... THIS IS TOTALLY ME!The struggle is so real for me for being short. Very short. Look how short I am next to Kelly! These pictures sum it all up.. look here!
'Slide The City': 1,000 Ft. Slip-N-Slide Releases Location!June 6th-- COME FASTER!
Amy Winehouse Documentary Trailer Released (VIDEO)Raw & real, the way she would have wanted it.
The Rolling Stones Are Coming To Heinz Field This Summer!This is going to be the most epic summer EVER!
Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound! (VIDEO)This is NUTS! Baby has got some moves!
Bradley Cooper Is SINGLE Again!*thanks god*
Jessica Simpson Gives 'Extra TV' Drunk Interview (VIDEO)Simpson was sippin' on that sauce!
Kelly Clarkson Covers Tracy Chapman's 'Give Me One Reason' (VIDEO)"Baby, I got your number & I KNOW that you've got mine!" *chills*
Pittsburgh In Top 25 Most Expensive Places To Get Married!If I start saving now, I can afford the wedding of my dreams in about...a decade.
Pittsburgh Model Found On Instagram Sits Down With Ellen!Pittsburgh boys, they've always been the best!

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