Kirstie Alley

Hines Ward Is Safe Again

Was there ANY doubt?? Hines Ward and Kym Johnson have danced their way into the Dancing with the Stars finals next Monday night.  But bad news for the Karate Kid!


How Did Hines And The Other DWTS Contestants Do This Week

ABC/Adam Taylor Well, it doesn’t really matter how anyone else did! Hines and Kym got perfect scores of 30 for both dances last night!!!  It was a spectacular and emotional performance considering that just a few […]


Hines Makes It To The Semi Finals

Let’s face it.  Steeler Nation is watching Dancing With The Stars to support #86 Hines Ward! Well, it’s working.   Last night he was told early on that he will be dancing in the semi-finals next […]


Hines Ward Cheesy And Delicious On DWTS

  The remaining five contestants on Dancing With The Stars each performed two dances last night.  How did Hines Ward do?


Who’s Getting The Boot Tonight

The Karate Kid got the worst score at the end of the night but does that mean he’ll leave Dancing With The Stars tonight?


How Did The DWTS Contestants Do Last Night

They all did pretty well but there’s one thing that has everyone talking today…


Hines Wows The Judges With His Dancing And His Smile

It was the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars and we finally got to see what dancing skills Hines Ward has!


Kirstie Alley VS Reba McEntire?

There’s a chance, albeit a slight one, that feud brewing between Reba McEntire and Kirstie Alley. 


Kirstie Alley’s 17 Year Old Son Engaged

Kirstie Alley’s son, True, is engaged to be married, and Kirstie is cool with it.