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WATCH: Ellen & Kristen Wiig “Let It Go”

Ellen couldn’t let it go until she got Kristen Wiig to sing it with her!


By: Fernando Leon Getty Images Entertainment

Kristen Wiig Does Tanning Mom Parody On SNL

The New Jersey tanning Mom who tans in excess is great material for Saturday Night Live. Kristen Wiig plays Patricia Krentcil with ease on the SNL weekend update.


By: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A ‘Bridesmaids’ Sequel Without Kristen Wiig Is A Possibility

What would ‘Bridesmaids’ be without Kristen Wiig?  We may find out, if Universal can’t convince Kristen to come back for a sequel to the hit movie.


Bridesmaids For A Girls Night Out Weekend

 Kristen Wiig from Saturday Night Live stars in the new hilarious movie Bridesmaids which is out in theatres today.  Will you go see it with your girlfriends?  I hear it is the Hangover for females!


SNL Cast Shake-Ups

Some new players are coming to SNL this season, and some familiar faces are leaving.



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