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Let’s Talk: Burgh’s BEST Halloween Candy!!!

In order to save your pumpkins we’re going to find the best Halloween candy to give out. What’s your FAVORITE Halloween candy? VOTE NOW!

100.7 Star–10/22/2013

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Let me see that THOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG what what… okay sorry I love that song.

Are they really THAT bad for you? Some doctors are saying it messes up your lady parts.

100.7 Star–10/17/2013

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Let’s Talk… Pittsburgh Christian Grey

Who do YOU think from Pittsburgh should be the next Christian Grey?

100.7 Star–10/16/2013

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Fav BSB Boy

O Starry Night seems so faaaar awwaaaaaaaay ahhhhhhhhhhhh but so cloooooseeee and I want to be close to ALL of the artists…especially the Backstreet Boys!

Which boy do YOU want to be closer to?!

100.7 Star–10/15/2013

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Let’s Talk… Public Restrooms

It is absolutely crazy to me to think people do NOT use public restrooms. I get it, they can be very unsanitary, however if you gotta go YOU GOTTA GO! DO you?

100.7 Star–09/12/2013

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Let’s Talk… Drive-Thru Cray

Might have lost it a little bit today in the drive-thru. But SERIOUSLY! Why bother calling it fast food if it takes 20 minutes? This girl COMPLETELY lost it! No one wants to mess with her nuggets!

100.7 Star–09/04/2013

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Let’s Talk… Going Commando

While people in Pittsburgh are fighting to take it off I want to know if you are taking it ALL OFF!



Let’s Talk… Double Texters





middle child

Let’s Talk… Middle Child’s Day

Yes there is an entire day to forget about us “middle child” kids. In case you forgot, well let’s face it we’ve been forgotten our entire lives. The eldest was always looked up to the youngest is our baby… what’s a kid gotta do to get some attention!


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Let’s Talk… Age Difference in A Relationship

What would be the ideal age gap in a relationship? Comment below and tweet me @Elistab ! I prefer older guys, but that’s just me…