Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth's New Hair Is Out Of A 90's Teen RomCom! (PICTURE)He could have a bald head and still be sexy, let's be honest.
Miley Cyrus Goes Off On Ex-Fiance Liam Hemsworth in NSFW RantIn her own Kanye-esque rant aimed at the Hunger Games star, she let him know using a few rather choice words that he will never be able to truly get rid of her. Ever.
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Dirty On The 30: Thursday, August 29, 2013What Hollywood relationships are ending (shocker!) and who's reportedly on Dancing with the Stars next season? Find out here and maybe beat Melanie Taylor at Showbiz Smackdown!
Miley Cyrus Says Marrying Liam Hemsworth ‘Just Seems Right’
Billy Ray Cyrus Doesn’t Actually Know If Miley Will Get Married
Miley Cyrus Is Feeling Free And More Like HerselfMiley Cyrus has a new edgy look. What do you think?
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